Honma Beres Aizu 3-Star Women's Hybrid

Honma Beres Aizu 3-Star Women's Hybrid

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Beautiful Traditional Japanese "AIZU" Lacquer Design

The premium BERES brand provides world-class quality and performance, and now collaborates with the traditional Japanese AIZU lacquer, originating in the northern part of Japan close to the Honma Sakata factory.

Triple Sole Slots and Crown Structure

The triple sole slots and crown structure follow the driver flexure design; generating a synergy effect within the face on repulsion performance for longer distance.

Low CG Design

A low CG design with the same weight positioning for each loft achieves a strong trajectory without distance loss.

Face Structure

A thin and flexible face area provides improved repulsion performance which enables a stronger trajectory.

Original Shaft -ARMRQ MX-

The newly developed "10-axis sheet" material consists of 4-axis aluminum and 6-axis carbon material.
High compression strength and by adopting "ARMOR" on the bat side, a consistent swing trajectory is realized.
Furthermore, the counter balance design effect improves the swing speed.
By increasing the strength of the shaft sheet, it is possible to produce accurate shots with a constant swing path.

Performance by Grade

As the star level increases, the stability on off-center strikes increases.